About Subvert Yoga + Wellness

Hello and welcome! I’m Nadine Dyer, the owner of Subvert Yoga + Wellness. I live in beautiful northern Ontario Canada with my partner, our two teens, and a handful of quirky pets. I’ve been a practitioner of yoga for most of my adult life, but it was during the recent global pandemic that I found myself committing to deepening my personal practice. Through the uncertainty of the pandemic, to the unexpected death of my older brother at the start of 2021, to a significant health crisis with one of my kids – I repeatedly turned to my yoga practice and found a way to calm the turbulent waters of my mind and find peace and focus during incredibly difficult circumstances.


Yoga has been a deeply integral part of my daily life for a long time, and yet – I didn’t feel comfortable or welcome in most yoga studio spaces. I am a bigger-bodied yogi who has spent years in and out of some very disregulated eating behaviours. I am also neurodiverse and have a few chronic health conditions. It was a real challenge for me to find a space that felt truly welcoming and inclusive, so I practiced solo. One particular day in the spring of 2021 I realized that if I was sitting around looking for a place that was for me, then others were out there looking for the same thing. That’s when the seed was planted and I knew that I wanted to find a way to bring yoga to populations of folks who have largely been excluded from mainstream yoga spaces. Yoga for the rest of us.


My Fancy Pieces of Paper:

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – Path of Yoga School – 2021

300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training Certification – Yoga Renew – 2023

95 Hour Trauma-Informed Children & Teen Teacher Training – Canmore Counselling – 2023

Accessible Yoga Certification – Accessible Yoga School – 2022

Race & Equity In Yoga Workshop Series – Accessible Yoga School – 2022

Trauma & Yoga Series: Exploring Power, Privilege, and Healing – Accessible Yoga School – 2022

Making Pranayama Accessible – Accessible Yoga School – 2022

100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training – Yogamu School – 2022

Mindful Yin Yoga + TCM For Yoga Teacher Training – Jennifer Raye – 2022

Ayurvedic Nutritionist Certificate – My Vinyasa Practice – 2023


What I’m Working Towards in 2023:

Mindfulness Coaching Certification

100 Hour Advanced Yin Yoga Teacher Training